What is Glamcore?

Glamcore is a type of adult movies or pornography that features stunning model looking porn actresses and actors in romantic, and sensual hardcore action in minimalistic settings, natural lightning and cinematic HD camerawork. The movies are always high quality HD scenes with a romantic storyline which everyone can enjoy regardless of their sex. These scenes are usually accompanied by soft instrumental music for the more relaxing and enjoyable scenes. In glamcore materials besides the sensual and romantic sex scenes they mostly focus on the natural beauty of the models to give the best possible user experience. In such materials you can see every type of adult action from masturbation, through lesbian scenes to the regular stud on babe action, so everyone can find their favorite scene with these glamcore “settings”. The glamcore „niche” is becoming more and more popular since, people need and want to see something new and refreshing in their adult movies. Although glamcore offers hardcore action, it is much more softer and sensual than what you are used to in porn movies. In the recent time, sites such as X-Art, Babes or Passion HD offer the highest quality and most enjoyable adult material for the lovers of the glamcore movies.

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